Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bootie Blowout

I've always been fascinated with boots. I couldn't care less that we live in a tropical country, and I sure am glad booties are so hot right now :) Anyways, here are some shoes that I'm eyeing...

I like the zipper detail. I "think" they can be unzipped and turn into ankle boots.

Gladiator + studs = tough chick

thigh high boots—sweet!

matte wooden platform heels + shimmer leather = casual luxe
(okay, okay, they're not booties, but I still like them)

white + booties = perfect for summer!

grey works well for both winter and summer outfits

black peep-toe sling back versions can be worn for summer, too!

purple is a refreshing option

lovin' the bubble-esque embossed heel; would look good when paired with skinny jeans or leggings

a great mix of everything metallic

mary janes just got sexier!

a new look at stilettos

mesh is so very in trend now

this pair is so space age in design—fascinating!

Anything pink makes me giddy, and this pair? drool! ;P

Sexy dominatrix—I love!

Metallics in all forms—FTW!

Strappies take on a whole new level

So many, right? There's more in their multiply and facebook pages—I don't even know where to start :o Even better news is that they're all on sale!

Got this post from HOUSE OF HIGH HEELS:

SUPERSALE!!! the obscenely large summer shoe sale, just got bigger! 3000 for high heels, 3500 for boots + FREE SHIPPING. All imported from Los Angeles, California, shipped thru usps (air cargo); waiting time 7-9 business days. Call or text for faster transaction +63917 9098923. NO RETURN NO EXCHANGE POLICY FOR SUPERSALE!

For more designs (both on sale and new arrivals), click on this link.

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