Thursday, February 25, 2010

Can You Guess Where I Am?

Pardon the lack of posts this week. It's because I am not in Manila right now. Just for fun, can anyone guess where I am? :D Sorry, no prize for this one ;) Here are two clues:

It's part of the group—Small Luxury Hotels

and here's a picture of the place, taken from their official website.
Apologies as I have yet to upload my own photographs :)
Isn't the photo above breathtaking? :D

Let's see if you can guess it right, and I hope you didn't click on the photo above to find out where I am hehe... no cheating! Oh, and I just realized if you follow my tweets, you'll know where I am, too! :o Oh well... ;)

BTW, I've been getting quite a number of entries for the ENJOY contest, and I hope to get more. It's great to get feedback from you, so I'll know what you want to read more of in the future. Thanks so much!


Soapaholic said...

The place looks amazing!

.. I couldn't help it so I clicked on the picture.

angelyn said...



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