Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tee Time

Before the holidays, I was scheduled for a 1-on-1 interview with the person behind Analog Soul. The brand wasn't new to me, but I was surprised to find out that the owner is a familiar face as well. Upon approaching the table at Mary Grace at TriNoma, Migs (a.k.a. Miguel Naguiat of Analog Soul) and I said almost in unison: "Are you from Ateneo?" That broke the potential ice, if ever there was going to be one.

Fast forward to yesterday... hubby and I headed out to TriNoma for some retail shopping therapy. Guess where we went? :)

Like most shops, Analog Soul is on sale...

Some of their trademarks include customizing your sneaks

A new batch of men's shirts arrived recently
Me likey these strips pasted on the borders of their displays

Here are some photos of what we bought:

for my youngest brother who is still studying in Ateneo :P

for me and hubby—his and hers :D
hubby loves green (he's from La Salle). Too bad, there weren't any DLSU shirts available.
They got sold out pretty fast, according to the staff.

Didn't but this, but I find it really cute!

To know more about Analog Soul, here's what I wrote in my column last weekend:

Soul Expression: A blank canvass for Pinoy Artists

Statement and graphic shirts have been a well-loved trend for the last decade, and it’s not going to slow down just yet. But with so many brands offerings, there’s one retail store that stood out for me—Analog Soul.

Like most young brands, Analog Soul started with three friends (Mika Bautista, Paolo Lim, and Miguel Naguiat) who wanted to make extra cash to pay for their holiday expenses. Taking their cue from the successful reviews they got from their friends and families, they joined bazaars the next year, which eventually lead them to open up two stores recently.

There are two reasons why I’m attached to this brand. First, they have a big pool of artists (and it’s open for everyone) who submits designs for review. Miguel Naguiat shared that they were pleasantly surprised with the number of e-mails they get from these artists. “Through our partnership with Filipino artists, Analog Soul is able to carry creative, evocative, and eclectic designs. These designs are what capture our market’s interest. Their artistry is able to capture the emotions and expressions of the market. The brand now becomes a venue for our customers to shout out their emotions or express themselves,” he explains.

Contributing Analog Soul artist Tata Balerite proudly adds, “We, Filipinos, are gifted with creativity. We may be a third world country but we are never short on creative talents. Our attention to details and unique intricate designs are something we should be proud of. That’s why I try to incorporate all that design elements through my work. The more complicated the design, the harder for other people to copy.”

Another thing I like about the brand is that they only make a few pieces per design. If ever there is a demand to do a reproduction, it will come in a different shirt color. So, in a way, they’re all limited edition tees, which makes every shirt all the more special. And with the new collection at P395 a pop, they’re such sweet deals!

New designs include:

*Analog Soul is available at TriNoma, Archaelogy Wing at Power Plant Mall, and the department store of SM Megamall.

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