Friday, July 8, 2011

Pretty Hands and Feet

Hope I won't get stuck here at the head office tonight. I think I have everything done and ready for tonight's party---Preview's Best Dressed. So excited to attend and support one of my best girls: Keri Zamora as she is one of the Best Dressed featured in this issue.

Got myself a maniped and a lemon scrub last night at Posh Nails in Morato :)

I love how they renovated the place. The little framed mirrors are so adorable, and the makeshift canopies add a cozy feel to this girly girl's paradise.

It was fully packed when I got there last night at around 10pm; I was even with a dad who got a foot spa haha... Just shows that Posh Nails isn't just for the girls.  What's great about this is that this establishment accommodates people like us who have very busy schedules during the day.

Thank you, Posh Nails, for closing late :)
You are heaven sent!

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