Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Quick Beauty Fixes part 1

Coming back from an overseas trip always messes us up our scalp goes haywire due to weather changes, while our body gains unwanted fat and pounds. The price one has to pay when traveling and on vacation, it doesn’t mean we just let these problems escalate. Two establishments that we always run to, in situations like these, are Kerastase and Facial Care.

For this post, let me talk about my experience with Kerastase at the L'Oreal Academie in Ortigas District:

While waiting for my turn, I was escorted to this cozy waiting lounge:

Delicious snackbites from Bizu:

Afterwhich, I was brought to the actual classroom. I love how clean, crisp and futuristic the venue was:



Upon inspection by the hair technicians, my hair was found to have become very brittle due to the harsh UV rays and my scalp has become dry because of the cool climate. They offered me its latest treatment, the Chronologiste.

Inspired by the revitalizing properties of caviar, Chronologiste has pearls that mimic the concentration and protection of caviar.

The pearls are crushed and combined with the nourishing cream a mere few seconds before application.


This is to ensure that only the freshest ingredients are applied on your precious locks and scalp. A foil shower cap is then placed on your head: the foil serves as a catalyst that produces heat to activate the properties of the Chronologiste, resulting in replenished hair fiber and a hydrated scalp.

I was lead to their "blowdrying section"

where the stylist from Emphasis Salon did an amazing job with my hair

Thank you, Emphasis Salon and Kerastase for saving my scalp and hair ;)

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