Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Quick Beauty Fixes Part 2

I gained quite a few pounds from my UK trip :( What luck that Facial Care Centre asked me to try out their new facial slimming service :D FCC's PR lady NJ Torres, with the resident doctor, welcomed me with a debriefing and a short interview:

And here's THE purple machine that will be doing all the "work"

Facial Care introduces its newest breakthrough service: UltraFace Facial Contour. Our face is the first thing people notice, and for those whose faces gain first and lose fats the last, this non-invasive facial treatment might just be the service for you.

This technology combines both ultrasound and radio frequency to reduce facial fat and contour the face. The high frequency ultrasound wave destroys fat cells, while the radio frequency energy contracts the collagen fibers that contour and tighten the skin. Both steps release tolerable heat, as this serves as a medium to dissolve fat cells and tighten the skin, among others.

Designed for those with chubby cheeks and double chin, it is recommended to have the 30-to 45-minute treatment in intervals of 10 to 14 days. Although a visit comprised of four to 12 sessions is required, visible results can be seen right after the first treatment as seen in the photo below of my first and only treatment:

I can't believe I'm posting my photo :o Here's half of my face done.  Notice that the left side is less "plump" as compared to the other one.  I am amazed at the results, and would definitely recommend it.  Just remember that nothing is permanent, so keep in mind to maintain your "desired" look by having a healthy diet and lifestyle.

* Experience the ultimate luxury in skin pampering only at FCC. For inquiries call 892-SKIN (7546) Visit our website

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