Monday, September 19, 2011

Deciding Who's In or Out

Just when you thought you’ve settled in, Mega Fashion Crew shakes things up again by bringing back 10 contestants who were booted out in the earlier episodes. Returning as wild cards, the contestants were recalled “to see drastic movements,” according to mentor and Mega Creative Director Suki Salvador. Among them is a certain fashion stylist, who got eliminated in episode 4 based on a controversial Facebook post.

Along with fellow mainstay judges, Mega’s editor-in-chief Sari Yap, designer Avel Bacudio, and model Raya Mananquil, the guesting of top fashion show director Robby Carmona is something that got the viewers glued to their TV’s last week: “I was so happy to be invited as a guest judge for Mega Fashion Crew and see the new breed of talents we have in the Philippines. The challenge was for them to create a collection, and showcase it in a fashion show.”
Robbie Carmona & Sari Yap

The contenders were in for a treat as Carmona directed the “challenge” of the stage show. “The runway will be your playground. This will be the fashion show that will decide if you are really right to be part of Mega’s Top Fashion Crew,” adds Salvador.
Robby Carmona talks to the contenders

Get into the heads of Yap and Carmona as they share their insights on last week’s episode:

Style Kit: What do you like most about being a judge?
Sari Yap: I've said before that my life here in Mega has always been a search for talent. As a judge in Mega Fashion Crew, I do what I do every day as editor in chief of Mega—select and highlight good work. I especially enjoy when someone improves or when a talent blossoms. The competition changes people, some for the better and some for the worse, it's always entertaining to see what the next challenge will bring.
Robby Carmona: What I like most is I get to share my knowledge and experience with the next generation, at the same time, I get to see new perspective from them as well.

SK: What do you hate the most about being a judge?
SY: As a judge, it is inevitable that I have to be the bearer of bad news sometimes. To improve someone requires that you critique him and although I have no qualms about giving constructive feedback, you can never foresee how the contestants will react. All they should know though is everything we say is for the improvement of their work.
RC: Eliminating. I’m very emotional about eliminating someone from the group but I know that they will be stronger and better after.

SK: What are the common mistakes of the contestants?
SY: The contestants being young and having limited time to execute, sometimes they forget to take the time to completely study and understand the brief. This is of utmost importance to ensure great output. If you're doing a beauty editorial, consider what the brand personality is. If you're doing a catalogue, make sure that you sell the clothes.
RC: It’s basically how to effectively relay a fashion story for an audience. As you know, a fashion show in comparison to a movie, doesn't have actors who throw lines to relay a story, it’s how the collection is put together and how a model translates it on the runway.

MB: What do you think the contestants need to improve on?
SY: The contestants need to work on their polish and taste level. What separates amateurs from professionals are these two qualities. Regardless of the time pressure or the circumstances surrounding a project, every image should be aspirational and be the best showcase of each individual.

* Generation MEGA Season 2: MEGA Fashion Crew, every Saturday 7pm, with replays on Sundays, 10am, on ETC.

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