Friday, September 9, 2011

Style Magician

Two recent events have made Kenneth Chua one of the most sought after designers today. He made the outfit that won for Vice Ganda the Best Dressed award at the Kylie Minogue concert, as chosen by the singer herself. He was also behind the drop-dead gorgeous gown worn by Anne Curtis at the Preview Best Dressed Ball.

It was all over cyberspace and twitter when Vice Ganda won the Best Dressed award at the Kylie Minogue concert. Chua wasn’t there to witness it live, but his proud mother was the first one to share this exciting news to him. Vice Ganda’s outfit was space age in its all teal blue outfit with silver sleeves and metallic neckpiece and head wear. “Vice Ganda is more of a fashionista. I took inspiration from Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Kylie Minogue,” Chua shares about the outfit.

“For Anne (Curtis), it’s really funny. She was in a panic that time, because she didn’t have an outfit for the Preview Ball yet—that was a day before the event. Stylist Bang Pineda recommended me to her. After Anne and I exchanged text messages regarding our plan for the outfit, Liz Uy called me up asking if I could do Anne's outfit for the said event. Anne was laughing when I met her for her measurements, because both Liz and Bang recommended me. Coincidence, magikero daw kasi ako sabi ni Liz,” Chua reminisces of the sparkling, red, low V-neck and high-slit dress Curtis wore.

Not only are they both amazing creations, they were finished in less than a day. Now how’s that for fast haute couture?

Designing since 1997, Chua has a background in architecture and interior design, which can be seen in his geometric and three-dimensional works like Vice Ganda’s. Painting murals at multinational boardrooms are also in his resume, including working for a retail brand, designing bags for a Japanese leather company, and joining Tyler as a guest designer.

*For inquiries and appointments, call or text Kenneth Chua at 0927-6946323.
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