Thursday, September 1, 2011

Birthday SALE

I got this invite from Amina Aranaz-Alunan below.  
It's actually a yearly event that I've been attending :)

Being a smart shopper, I went to their Power Plant branch last night to check out the goods. So when tomorrow comes, I don't have to waste time by deciding on what to buy.  I only have my lunch break to shop ;)

Here are some of the bags that are included in the special sale:
*Pardon the quality of the photos as I only used my mobile phone's camera :(

The satin clutch with the big bow is adorable

The mother-of-pearl handle is a keeper
approx. P9,500

I'm loving the red orange clutch :)
approx. P2,400

I love these leather bow clutches, P1,400

Mother-of-pearl bangle/handles with feather fringe detail
approx P12,500

Lovin' the intricacies of these crochet bags

Look at this one: a square flat bag

that comes out like this, when carried :)
approx. P3,600

I like these leather totes with round shell rings :)

iPad case, P2,400 and laptop leather case, P3,400 :D

The striped canvas, mixed with beige leather, makes this doctor's bag an interesting piece.
approx. P5,600

Imagine these prices slashed at 50% off!
Isn't that a great deal? :)

Visit Power Plant mall on Sept 2 (Friday) and Greenbelt 5 on Sept 3 (Saturday) and get yourself one (or more) of these Aranaz bags ;)

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