Monday, November 23, 2009

Go, Ninoy!

It's been quite some time since I've met up with Mico Halili. We go way back... Breakfast show days in Studio 23 ;) He's now a sports commentator for the PBA—I only get to see him on TV (hehe...) and chat with him online (thank goodness for Facebook and YM). Bumped into him here at the Rockwell Bazaar a few weeks back:

This guy is brimming with great business plans; he's been sharing with me a lot of his dreams and goals. One of which is a new shirt brand, OWSF which stands for Oh-We're-So-Filipino. Below is a short feature I wrote that was published in Manila Bulletin:

A project that has been in the works for the past year, Oh-We’re-So-Filipino (OWSF) finally launched its first line of proud-to-be-Pinoy shirts. An imaginary campaign on one of our favorite heroes, Ninoy Aquino, this first batch of tees aims to “challenge current Presidential aspirants to live up to Ninoy’s legendary ideals,” shares the OWSF team.
This retro design is one of their bestsellers.

These high-quality cotton shirts come in cool retro graphic prints that relive the legendary days when Pinoy pride was at its peak, as represented by the late Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. OWSF hopes to instill and reunite us with this love: “After all, the ‘Ninoy for President’ t-shirts are about imagination, aspiration, and inspiration.” The year 2010 represents a hopeful year ahead, with the late hero as a representation of what the future should be—every Filipino full of love and respect for our country. To all the presidential aspirants and to every Pinoy around the globe, may these tees serve as a reminder of what our hero gave up for us.

More shirt designs are available, for both men and women:

Mico shows off one of their latest prints:

*The “Ninoy for President 2010” tees are available at Analog Soul stores (Power Plant mall and Trinoma), and upcoming special bazaars (AAA Bazaar Intercon Nov. 22, St. James Alabang Nov. 27-29, Noel Bazaar A Venue Dec. 5-6 and La Vista Bazaar Dec 12-13). To learn more about OWSF contact 0918-6713074, visit or follow @owsf247 at


Frances said...

It's a little morbid... =(

StyleKit said...

Really? I never thought of it that way :(
Wearing these tees makes me proud to be Pinoy :D

noynoy for president movement said...

I like the retro design which I think is their bestsellers. no wonder...

sgtpepper said...

a family conspiracy in the making...i wonder why if Ninoy can't make it to presidency they still have the last option "People power"....huwad na kalayaan!

StyleKit said...

sgtpepper: Did you mean Ninoy or Noynoy? Anyways, you can just e-mail me directly :) As this blog is about fashion and beauty. I prefer not to mix this blog with political topics such as this :D
I just wanted to feature the shirts under my friend's brand. Thanks!


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