Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Over the Break

Where were you this weekend?
My family and I spent ours in Clark, Pampanga. This is the view going home. Nice eh?

Feels like we're not in the Philippines, right? The view of Mt. Arayat is spectacular, too!

We passed through the SCTEX (Subic, Clark, Tarlac Exit). Less cars and less traffic also.

During our stay in Clark area, I discovered milkshakes are back at McDo.
Am I the last to know about this? Brings back great yummy childhood memories :D

Will go back to regular programming tomorrow :D Hope everyone had a good rest this past break.


Frances said...

MILKSHAKES!!! I used to look forward to weekends when I was a kid kasi that's when my parents will allow us to eat at McDo/Jollibee and I'd always order a strawberry milkshake. My world crumbled when McDonald's discontinued the milkshakes =(

StyleKit said...

Did you know they're back, Frances?

We weren't able to order back in Clark; they closed so early! Wanted to have them for dessert. So, we went straight to McDo once we got to Manila. Not all branches serve them though. The first one we went to didn't offer milkshakes.


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