Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

Was at Greenbelt 5 last Wednesday—my first visit since the robbery. Lots of guards stationed, kinda freaky...

But other than that, the place had the usual holiday vibe. Look what I found right outside the Greenbelt 5 stretch.
I saw a number of people having their photos taken at this bench.

...and upstairs. I must say, Halloween is getting more and more popular.

Found this one at the Atrium lobby of SM MegaMall. Nice spot to have a photo-op, too!

Saw these in Gift Gate. Who could resist these oh-so-cute Hello Kitty and Kuromi (My Melody) stuffed toys?
Halloween-themed bags are also being sold. How fun!

These are just some of the nice spots to visit this weekend; once you're done with your visits.
Stay safe, and keep cool this weekend! ;)

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