Friday, October 23, 2009

Quick Afternoon Shopping

Spent late afternoon at Republic (Eastwood City Walk 2). It was my first time to go there, and it's humongous! Three-story high full of street, urban, and beach gear...

So many brands, and so many products! I think one of their bestsellers are these headphones/earphones from Skull Candy... Within an hour of my visit, I think 3 people have already bought a Skull Candy, and quite a few checked it out—and this was on a Thursday afternoon.

Hubby and I wanted to buy a his-and-hers shirts, but the shirt for me looked small so I tried it on in their dressing room. Don't you just love the room? :D Had to take a photo hihi... Unfortunately, it was too small for me.

So, we went up to the third floor to check out their slippers, and found these slippers for us both and for our baby J. But we realized, it'll take about three years before he'd fit into those slippers, so we passed on this set...

Ended up buying these instead: a NewBreed shirt for me, and Cobain slippers for my two boys.

Speaking of shoes; good news to ladies who have "cute" feet. Charles & Keith now has size 34 for selected designs.

And for the whole family, why don't you check this out? :) World Pyro Olympics, participated by countries such as Korea, Germany, China, etc... To find out the details and schedules, click on the photo below to enlarge.

Too bad little J is too small to appreciate this one, but I'm sure there'll be more for us in the future. Happy weekend, everyone! :D

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