Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Treasure Trove of Affordable Knick-Knacks

Hubby and I were indecisive when it came to our baby J's room—this was when he was still in my tummy. Hubby is a green archer (La Salle) and preferred green shades, while I graduated from Ateneo so obviously, I wanted blue.

Good thing he liked this shade of blue green that I picked out, and it's quite refreshing, don't you think? It kind of reminds me of NBA Hornets team back when I was in high school. The boys in my batch loved the Hornets so much, they chose that color as our batch's basketball jersey's shade.

Anyways, I got these wall stickers from Saizen for baby J's room, and I'm quite happy with it, too! I think they're for glass or tiles, but I placed them on the cement wall. No need to be too careful when sticking them on, since you can take it out and stick it again.
It's a steal for P85 a sheet. To know more about Saizen, read what I wrote below (featured in Manila Bulletin):

Super Kawaii
Cute knick-knacks for everyone, at only P85 each

Yes, you read it. This Japanese store franchise has all types of products for every member of the family—for a flat price of P 85. Barely two months old, the Saizen shop is a pit stop for both the young and old alike. I, myself, spend about an hour, at the very least, every time I visit the store in Robinsons Galleria.

All their products are shipped straight from Japan which includes stationery products, toys, lifestyle products, fashion accessories, vanity products, home decors; along with household items such as kitchenware, home improvement, gardening tools, car accessories, and even items for your pets! It’s really a haven for the whole gang; and everything is priced at an easy-to-remember price of 85 bucks! What more can you ask for?

The Robinsons Retail Group is the genius behind Saizen, as they sealed the deal mid last year with Daiso-Sangyo, Inc., Japan. Almost all the products that are sold here have passed through the company’s strict research and development process, along with packaging, and quality requirements; which makes every 85 pesos spent well more than its worth. Don’t worry about the products being Japanese (no English instructions on packaging), the sales people would be more than helpful in telling you what their products are and how to use them. Loyal customers and fans would be glad to know that more than a hundred new products will be released every month. So, make it a habit to visit Saizen regularly for fabulous finds.

Bakers would be glad to find these cute cake and pastry boxes.

Colorful Japanese-themed bowls are great for Asian dishes.

Precision cutting can now be achieved with these thin plastic cutting boards.

Vanity products from shavers to masks are yours for the taking.

Kids have fun making these learning origami toys.

Make your own plastic key chains.

Tons of nail polishes to choose from; and nail art too!

Adorable cartoon-y sponges can make washing dishes fun!

Lots of plastic containers to put all your stuff in.

Earphones, silicone and film protectors for all you gadgets.
There's so many more cute stuff in my digicam, but I leave that for you to explore when you visit Saizen. Enjoy :D


natalie ang said...

hey janie :)

the color of your baby's room reminds me of tiffany! good compromise!

will check out saizen when i get back to manila. there are always fun and interesting things in japanese stores! i always end up getting something...

Frances said...

I'm doing ALL my Christmas shopping here. Saizen is terrible actually. Vince and I entered it to buy a few things, cane out of the store very much poorer than intended!!!

StyleKit said...

Nats: Oo nga noh! I didn't realize it looked kinda like Tiffany's hehe :) Let me know when you're back k? miss you, shobe!

Frances: I know! That's why I stay a little longer than usual, 'coz I try to "edit" what I really need haha... But, yes, soooo many cute finds and pretty great gifts too! :)


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