Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ondoy, the Gatecrasher

Remember my post on Posh Nails a week before Ondoy came? We threw a Spa-rty for my childhood friend KY to prep her up for her wedding. Unfortunately, their wedding was scheduled on the day Ondoy arrived—Saturday, September 26 :(

The ceremony was at 3 p.m., and she was already checked in at Vivre (Alabang). I called her as early as 11 a.m., helping her plan their way around the scary weather. I was her Matron of Honor, and I felt helpless since I was stuck in our house in Q.C. area. All I could do was call the rest of our entourage and invitees, and update her through calls and text messages.

At our Spa-rty, she gave us these headpieces as part of our outfit as her entourage.
Can you believe she got them at Y.R.Y.S. for about P199?

I was at home, having my hair done. Normally, I can do my own hair. But I'm sporting a bob now, and there's no way I can fix it on my own.
So, I asked my trusted hair and makeup artist to come over to help :)

But, alas, I never got to go out. I was going to hitch with another friend who's part of the entourage, but we decided not to trek the rapids. We were both watching the TV, and calling each other up. By 2 p.m., we chose to stay home. I called KY (the bride) at her room in Vivre, and talked to both her and Eli (the groom). They were staying at the 27th floor, and from where they stand, they couldn't see villages anymore. They saw "lakes" in the villages. Their venue, Fernbrook Gardens, was flooded as well—4 feet high! EDSA was unpassable, too :( My friends and I were so worried, but we all had to be strong for her. I advised them both to push through with the wedding, which they've already decided to when I called them up.

Thanks to Atty. Fortun (photographer) for making it all happen. The original priest didn't make it for their 3 p.m. wedding, so Atty. Fortun called another church and another priest to officiate the ceremony at 8 p.m.

Sherry, who arrived from Shanghai, was the only one from our barkada who made it. She left early so that she could have her hair and makeup done there. She was stuck in traffic for four hours... Check out her peacock-feathered fan :D Instead of flowers, KY got us these—aren't they lovely?

When my friends and I saw this photo, and couldn't help but get teary-eyed as well. Awww... This couple planned so hard for their special day.
They've thought of everything, and they did most of the props by hand.

Finally, they're married! :D

The entourage that made it :D Represent, Sherry! ;)

Again, thanks to Atty. Fortun for the "plan B." I remember calling and texting KY to ask the coordinator to come up with a plan B. She texted me back that she didn't have one. But, in fact, they did—it was Atty. Fortun :D
*Photo by Atty. Raymond Fortun

To those who would like to read the accounts of their suppliers, click on:
Atty. Raymond Fortun (photographer)
Cherryblocks (photographer)

I just got a text message from the couple last night that we'll be celebrating this Oct 24. We can't wait! The wedding ceremony was one for the books, and the party will surely be as well. Congratulations, Eli and KY! :D We'll see you on the 24th! *hugs* Mabuhay ang bagong kasal!


The NeuroChiq said...

I feel so bad that your friends' wedding was almost ruined by Ondoy =( But thanks to the super lawyer who made it all happen. Cheers*

macy said...

I got here through...I honestly don't know how I ended up here but im glad I did. I read about Atty Fortun's (he was also my wedding backup photog) post about your friends wedding and I was close to crying while reading it. I messaged Atty Fortun about it and he said he was teary eyed as well he was writing his blog entry because he could remember seeing your friends talking at the halls of the hotel and all he could here was the bride sobbing. I also messaged her gown maker, who made my gown too for a great gown and for being with the bride despite the bad weather. Hats off indeed to her suppliers. I'm glad that they didn't let ondoy stop them from getting married.

StyleKit said...

The NeuroChiq: Yes, the atty is an angel :D

macy: Wow, talk about serendipity. Yes, we're all so happy and very, very thankful to their suppliers for being with them until the end. Will try to take pics at the party on the 24th and post it here :)


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