Thursday, October 22, 2009

I heart Coco!

Remember my post on the movie "Coco Avant Chanel"? I was lucky enough to be invited to its by-invitation screening last night at Gateway Mall.

Upon entering Mandarin Suites, Jenny of Visions tied this Chanel ribbon around my wrist :D

Moet & Chandon champagne overflowed that night, with hors d'oeuvres from Mandarin Oriental Suites. Yummy!

At the end of the room was a display of the iconic Chanel No. 5 perfumes

I got in late, so wasn't able to take much photos. Here are some of the guests invited to this exclusive event:

Lexi Schulze with hubby Javi Berenguer-Testa

Trish of Butter London (will post about this brand soon) and PR/Marketing maven Pam Gonzales

Boy Abunda (left most). wasn't able to take a clear photo of them, but I was deeply touched that Boy still remembered me, back when I was with K magazine :D

Rovilson Fernandez, with a friend. Sorry, Rov, I wasn't able to catch her name. Only that her name started with a J, like me :0

Store Specialist, Inc.'s Malu Francisco, who's as gracious as ever

Hot momma Cesca Garcia, who just gave birth. Isn't she stunning? What a coincidence that we both got married on the same month (just a few days apart) and gave birth also just a few weeks apart :) We'll schedule playdates soon with her pretty little baby.

Bubbly and girly designer Tippi Ocampo with hubby. She has a new shop/drawing room at The Fort, so you don't have to go all the way to Merville to have gowns/dresses made.

After taking her photo, she turned around and I saw the detail of her top. I love!

We went back to the receiving area at Mandarin Suites to have our photo taken at the "Chanel arc." Stylist Sidney Yap played model. We made him jump, and it came out really nice. Chanel meets Lacoste ad :)

For our final shot, we had a group picture with my schoolmates from St. Jude Catholic School. Left to right: me, Pond's lady and my "baby" godsister Jacq Yuengtian, Sidney Yap, and adopted Judenite for the night, Janelyn Ong

And about the movie, I love it! So many one liners and subtle hints on how Coco became a designer. I hope you can find a DVD copy of it, since it won't be shown in theaters here. Thanks again to Rustan's The Beauty Source, French Embassy, Araneta Center, Mandarin Oriental Suites, and Moet & Chandon Champagne for holding this exclusive event.

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