Monday, October 19, 2009

Sale Shopping

Last Friday, my mom brought me and baby J to SM Megamall. I didn't want to bring baby J, but she insisted that it was safe since we will leave him and the yaya at the Prestige Lounge. The lounge is only for "loyal customers" that have spent more than P200,000 (if my memory serves me right) within a year.
That's little J playing with his toy ;) I think this is my first post with a photo of him :D Below is what the lounge looked like that early afternoon. For the first time, it was packed! There was even a charging station for Nokia phones. See the baby wearing blue? He's almost as tall as my baby J, and he's already 7.5 months as opposed to my little baby at 3.5 months! Natch, I'm a proud momma. Baby J looks even bigger and chubbier, too!

Yaya loves coffee. Well, I guess she needs it so as not to fall asleep when taking care of our baby. The lounge serves complementary brewed coffee, iced tea and hot tea, so I asked for coffee for her. She's had 2 cups while we were away. Now, for the life of me, I don't know why this lady's hair was styled this way :o Haha... I couldn't help but notice it.

Got to buy lots of stuff for baby J. Mom and I bought some clothes, too! The department store wasn't that packed yet, since we got there early afternoon. But we heard that there was a long line that morning until lunch time—they were offering an additional 10% off. By the time, we left (about 6 p.m.), the lines weren't so bad yet, but it was slowly getting packed. I guess, recession isn't as bad now.

We had merienda at Secret Recipe (Atrium area), and I had my usual order. This is a winner, if you haven't tried it yet. For P199, you have a cup of soup, bread, lasagna (that's super delicious and meaty), a glass of iced tea and a slice of cake. You have to pay in cash though, but it's still not bad :)

My winning buy that got me all giddy? These placemats for P79.95 each! If you've eaten at Sofitel, you'll remember this design in black/gray combination. But, of course, Sofitel's is made in Europe while these are from China. The original ones would cost about P800; I think I've seen them in Dimensione. Hihi...

Some updates:
1. I read from the bag hag that Saizen (Daiso in Japan) recalled a few items. Read the short article by clicking on this link.

2. My family and I were supposed to have lunch at Greenbelt 5 yesterday, since we haven't been there for a while. But we ended up at Le Souffle in Rockwell. Good thing, we did! I'm sure you've heard about the robbery at Greenbelt 5—at the Rolex shop to be exact. The things these robbers think of, my goodness! Apparently, they came dressed in police gear. To read more about it, click on this link and this. Be safe, everyone!


Keiwai said...

omg mare... we have the same placemats! and same color pa!

StyleKit said...

wahahaha... great minds think alike! ;)

Kaye said...

The Greenbelt issue had me real scared. I often go really lax when I'm in Makati, because it feels so safe with all the policemen and MAPSA! Now here comes this bit of news -- as in shootout pa, my goodness -- and I don't think I can look at GB5 the same way again.

Frances said...

My gas! Kamukha mo anak mo!!! CUTE!

Meanwhile, si mommy mo, ha, ang lakas mag-shopping sa SM!

StyleKit said...

Kaye: Yes, it really is scary :o And someone shot dead pa :(

Frances: Wow, you can tell by that photo? He's not even looking at the camera. And regarding mom, medyo hahaha... but we were able to get the Prestige Card because they bought appliances and donations last year ;)


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