Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fit Legs and more!

Yesterday was a bit packed for me. First off, we went to San Juan City Hall get registered (to vote). The line wasn't so bad; my family (and my hubby) just spent the waiting time talking and laughing. Filling up the application forms was a bit tedious, since we had to write in all four copies :o

We got home past lunch time, and had a quick lunch. Rested a bit, but had to rush off to Le Souffle at The Fort for a 430 p.m. appointment. I left around 330 p.m., but got to the venue 5 p.m. Good thing, I wasn't up yet for the one-on-one interview with this amazing woman!
I'm sure you've all heard of FitFlop, but not of Marcia (pronounced Mar-si-ya, like Garcia) Kilgore. With only $300 in her pocket, this Canadian moved to New York and founded Bliss Spa group back in 1996. Celebrities such as Calvin Klein and Oprah Winfrey has had their facials with this lady. She was, if not the first, one of the pioneers of day spas in the late '90s. She sold Bliss to Louis Vuitton, Moet Hennesy and Starwood Hotel group; taking a break to focus on her family.

But the entrepreneur in her still wanted more. She moved on to launched a bath/body/beauty product line named Soap & Glory. Now, I've seen these wonderful, affordable products (with funny product names such as a lip plumper named "Sexy Mother Pucker") at a drugstore chain called Boots in Bangkok a few years back. I knew it was going to be a hit back then—this was in 2008, barely two years since she launched the brand.
At this time... she was already considered one of the beauty gurus, and have been invited to serve as a consultant to many beauty companies. As they were discussing cellulite issues, she daydreamed and played with the idea of "cosmetics" your legs. It has to be something affordable, won't take a lot of your time, and not too painful—"you got to experience a little pain to know that it's working." And there, she came up with Fitflop, and launched it in UK (May 2007) and in the US (June 2007).

During the short one-on-one interview, she showed me how Fitflop worked. Please refer to the picture below. The high-density is for shock absorption and to relieve stress, while the low density (mid sole) has microwobble technology that "wobbles" so as to give our legs a workout, and the mid density (in front) helps us maintain speed and turn directions.

Their main objective was to give you a tight bum and sexy gams, but they were pleasantly surprised to find out that they were able to help so many people with long-time ailments such as scoliosis, even dizziness! Kilgore, herself, checks Fitflop's Facebook page on a regular basis. It's nice to touch base with her clients, as she believes, she's the only one who knows everything about FitFlop and can help these clients with their inquiries and needs. Superwoman, indeed!

After our interview, Tina Monzon-Palma of ABS-CBN was up next. Apparently, Kilgore's nanny in the UK is a Filipina named Josephine Ramos so the Philippines is close to Kilgore's heart. She presented that night to Tina Monzon-Palma a pledge of P500,000 and another P500,000 to another organization to help the typhoon victims, on behalf of her and her nanny. Wow!

Dinner and a short program was up next, and I was seated with a bunch of lovely UP alumni from the media as well. David Celdran was one of the bosses I worked with, and he now hosts Executive Lounge (a show on everything for the, well, executives) and they were reminiscing their college lives—couldn't relate here :) But it sounds like fun! We even talked about the latest telenovelas and what we love and not like watching, but that's for another post hehe...
That's David Celdran on the left; PR dude Keren Pascual and his talent (the boy sitting); and the right most is Angelette Calero who is a party expert. Keren handled the PR last night, and he also is a talent manager to Zanjoe Marudo and Enchong Dee. Below is a picture of Marcia Kilgore, giving a talk on Fitflop.

The program was short and sweet. They asked runner Jaymie Pizarro to talk about her roadtest with Fitflop and it passed her standards. Can you believe she's a 30-something wife, and a mother of two? She's prepping up for her Singapore marathon this December. Wish her luck!

I, then, headed off to Members Only, which was just beside Le Souffle. Met up with Keri and her hubby Francis Zamora. She was one of the muses last night for Janina Dizon's show. I hung out with them for a bit, along with DLSU coach Franz Pumaren's wife, Odette (left most). Aren't they pretty? And wearing lots of bling-blings for the show!

I wasn't able to stay and watch, since it started a bit late. I've been out too long, and my two boys were waiting for me. Wished the two ladies lots of luck, though they didn't need it :D I must say, I haven't been out "working" and it was kinda refreshing to see new and old faces in the media. Will try to attend more and share my "discoveries" with you ;) Promise!


natalie ang said...

interesting post about fitflop! thanks for explaining how it actually works-- was a bit skeptical when i first heard about it. i think other shoe brands like sketchers have followed suit and have adapted that technology in some of their shoes as well.

do you own a pair? are they comfortable?

StyleKit said...

There's more to it actually. You can visit their site at :)

Marcia Kilgore also mentioned that our feet were meant to walk on earth/soil which are soft. Now, we put our feet in so much pain and walk on hard floors. So, it makes sense that we have to wear cushion-y ones.

I've heard that Skechers also came up with their versions as well. Their PR lady called me up a few months back and asked me to review them. But haven't heard from them since.

I don't own a pair yet. They gave me one last night, but it wasn't my size. Will have it changed and let you know. But so far, when I tried them on---one thing's for sure, it's really light. Don't be fooled by the platform soles :)

StyleKit said...

Btw, Fitflop is coming out with boots and uggs for the winter season. But I'm not sure if they have shoes that's fit for our tropical climate :)

Anonymous said...

The idea of wearing shoes with benefits is not new to FitFlops. Earth has been making shoes that help your body for many years.

StyleKit said...

Thanks for the link and the info. I'm sure Fitflop isn't the first to think and come out with shoes "with benefits." :)

Frances said...

They're expensive! I want a pair, too, since I walk to work. Oh, sayang I wasn't invited to this event! =)

Anyway, we also have to register to vote! The deadline is oh so near!!!

StyleKit said...

Hey Frances! We should join forces and coordinate with regards to events haha... And wow, you walk to work? Galing! :D But I can just imagine, you're on call since they know you live so near :o

fitflop said...

I love these shoes. I don't know about the muscle conditioning ...... but the cushioning sure helps my lower back problems. I have the original FitFlops for summer and decided to try these because I noticed my back was hurting a lot and it had been a while since sandal season. I read in another review somewhere that a customer's back felt a lot better, so it made sense to try these. My feet are wide and these are roomy and very comfy. Will be getting more of the sandals for the summer this year.

StyleKit said...

Yes, I heard so many good reviews about it. And I've tried on a pair; have to agree that it's really soft the cushions are. :)

Merlinda said...

hi where can i get this b?


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