Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Modern Pinoy Fashion

I attended the much-awaited Metrowear Icon: Lulu Tan-Gan fashion show last night. Photos to be posted tomorrow. To give you an idea of what the collection is about, below is an article I wrote that was published last week:

Bringing Back the Glory of Pina
An established designer is one whose creations (patterns, choice of fabrics and/or colors) are synonymous to his/her name. Lulu Tan-Gan is one of those, with her unique choice of knits.

In search of clothes that didn’t need ironing, knits fell right into her requirements. “I felt the future of knits as a travel-friendly material some 30 years ago, and I haven’t changed my mind,” she shares.

For the woman of the 21st century, Tan-Gan works on another phase of her clothing venture as she unearthed another fabric, the piña. She reminisces about her father’s barong tagalog, which she wanted to wear with her trousers, but couldn’t because of the discoloration. These pieces, being old, weren’t accepted by professional dry cleaners. So, she took the risk and washed them herself. What came out was a softer piña fabric, and this is how she started toying with the idea of mixing her favorite knits with her renewed love for piña.
A handful of us were given a sneak preview two weeks prior to the show last night :D I heart!
I've always love Pinoy fabrics, most especially pina and jusi, so this is a dream collection for me.

It took three years of experimentation to make casual knits and the luxurious piña work together. “Successfully marrying two different fabrics was a challenge especially when the end product had to be wearable and feasible as a garment,” says Tan Gan.

How timely that Metro magazine handpicked her to be their Metrowear Icon for this year, showcasing a collection of more than 50 pieces, and backed up with a show by director Robby Carmona. Metro magazine’s editor-in-chief Kat Holigores adds, “Metro chooses a personality who has been an integral part of Filipino design and creativity as seen in previous Metrowear icons such as well-known designers Auggie Cordero and Randy Ortiz. For many years, Lulu Tan-Gan was the designer to go for comfortable, classy and even quirky knitwear. Her designs have proven to be ahead of their time, and yet classic pieces that women can still use today. This lady has also been a nurturing force in the careers of many a young and up-and-coming designer. She has been generous with her knowledge and skills and has always opened her doors to those who need more exposure for their work. Tan-Gan is an icon because she has built a solid brand and a reputation for quality, and has been recognized for her work both locally and abroad.”
A very simple and intimate presscon—I was with about four other media peeps.
Left to right: Metro's Kat Holigores, Lulu Tan-Gan, director Robbie Carmona, Metro's Audrey Carpio

Tan Gan also emphasizes that her latest haute couture collection is 98 percent hand loomed, hand-sewn, and hand-embroidered, which makes this show a must-see. “Nothing can replace the uniqueness and visual feel of hand-made materials,” says Lulu. “After so much modern materials, there is nothing more soothing than working with materials that are indigenously made.”

Other highlights of last night's event included a showcase of antique pieces and modern furniture, against an exhibit of Lulu Tan-Gan’s historic works. A silent auction of Milo Naval and Kenneth Cobonpue’s globally-appreciated furniture was also be held. Proceeds will go to ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya and Gifts and Graces Foundation.

Will post pictures tomorrow :D Below is one of my mom's favorite
(she watched the show with me last night) and mine, as well.

Love the back detail, too! Soft and flowing, very enchanting!

After the presscon, I couldn't help but take photos of some of the Metro's staff.
Mela de Luna looks casually chic!

Lovin' Audrey's oversized graphic shirt dress, too!

Visit me again tomorrow for a peek at Metrowear Icon: Lulu Tan-Gan ;) See ya!


Emz said...

Lulu's top in the first photo is really nice! XD

StyleKit said...

I love it, too! Went with my mom to her L Manila store in Greenbelt 5, she ended up buying the same top. Nice! :D


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