Friday, November 20, 2009

A New Moon to Love

Got to watch the Twilight Series: New Moon last night at Shangri-la Plaza mall, thanks to Wrangler and Rochelle for inviting us :D

Before the movie started, they announced the winner for the "Wildest" photo,
and I have to agree with their choice. Amazing isn't it? :)

I won't say anything about the movie YET. Let me know what you think :D
But I did enjoy it, that's for sure.

Bella's getting prettier, don't you agree?

He's never been my type :o

So, obviously, I'm leaning towards Team Jacob for his looks, his abs!!!
(I could hear loud sighs when he took off his shirt)
and his personality/character. How about you? :D

Oh, I just had to include this post. I looooove Secret Recipe's cakes.
They were the caterer last night :D Yummy!

So, back to my first question. Which team are you for and why?


eMz said...

i'm for team jacob! i like 'em natural without vamp makeup. hahaha

StyleKit said...

ditto, emz! *high five*


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