Friday, May 14, 2010

High-Heel Sale

Twenty-one-year-old student Rachelle Lim has a different love affair with heels: “I really love heels but I don’t usually wear them. I’m always on flats, though I have a huge collection of high heels just for display. I just love staring at them.” 

In photo: designer Reian Mata with Rachelle Lim

This obsession for heels led her to ship in these pretty shoes from Los Angeles. With only one size per pair, it makes it even more enticing to have one (or even two or more!) reserved under your name. Nothing less than four inches, her heels have caught the eye of designers Reian Mata, Chris Diaz, and Joel Escober. They’ve used her shoes in their collections for Philippine Fashion Week, and got great reviews, too!

We can't wait for the next batch of her goodies at the next Philippine Fashion Week ;)  In the meantime, check out the albums in her facebook page.  Click on this
link.   Two albums full of pretty shoes are on sale!  They're actually opening a store, so it's kinda a moving out sale from their little nook at the Archaeology Wing, Power Plant Mall.  Congrats, Rachelle!  We can't wait for your new store to open.

Check out our shortlist of HOHH shoes.  Got to trim it down, and stay on a budget.  
Sigh! What to pick? :o

hohh copy
There are more in their facebook page, so click on this linkHappy shopping! :D


Liza said...

I'm actually having problems with my orders with her.

I ordered online from her facebook account
and for more than 2 months now since November she has given me a lot of excuse on why it hasn't been delivered from holiday rush reasons to the package being sent to Vietnam.

And its very hard to get an update from her and her mobile phone is never turned on, definitely a Fraud Seller

Jane Kingsu-Cheng said...

Hi Liza! Sorry to hear that. I will forward this to her, and hope we can get feedback regarding your order/s :)

Anonymous said...

did she delete her FB account? does she have a new site?

Jane Kingsu-Cheng said...

I think she did :o Why don't you check out Virtual Mae? :)

Anonymous said... her new account i think


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