Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Got a Free Shirt!

Hubby's very good childhood friend, Francis Zamora, and his wife, Keri Zamora (of Kira Plastinina) invited us over to their house last Friday.  Fondly called "Zam" by his friends, he has been out and about campaigning non-stop—rain or shine!  He even got home one time with super-drenched jeans, and it wasn't even from the rain :o It was filled with his sweat!  Now, that's what you call dedication!  And I truly believe that he will have the same amount of passion (to help the city and our country a better place to live in) when he wins the San Juan Vice Mayor position, which we're pretty sure he will ;)

As soon as we went inside their house, we saw a few sacks (what remains of it) of his campaign shirts.  Hubby and I quickly got one each ;)  Who doesn't want a free shirt?  All the more when you can help!
zam shirt

For those who are registered in San Juan, hope you'll vote for Francis Zamora ;)  I won't reveal who my Presidential/Vice Presidential bets are—I don't want to crowd this fashion/lifestyle blog about that.  Too messy for that here ;)  Let's just respect each other's choices.  After all, we all want the same thing right?  And that's for a better Philippines!

Good luck, and may God guide us in making the right choices this May 10.

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