Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Yay for Ironman 2

Watched Ironman2 last night with hubby at The Podium, thanks to Jannie Villacorta of Diesel perfumes.  They handed out this mini-comic book after the movie. Nice, right?
ironman2 diesel

There was a display/exhibit of Ironman toys, too!
ironman2 displays

This one is my fave with the glowing lights. So cool!
ironman2 arc

Before the movie, hubby and I were wondering how come nobody left comments in FB and Twitter that it's a must-watch movie.  So, we had low expectations.  But surprise, surprise, we liked it!  Super thanks again to Jannie Villacorta for the tickets, and to Diesel perfumes. 
diesel only the brave
Are you familiar with this perfume? The unique bottle design is very attractive, and the refreshing citrus scent makes this a done deal for me and hubby.


NeuroChiq said...

Enjoyed the movie, too. We made sure we reserved seats on the first showing day! =)

Now, I can't wait for Thor to show up! Finally, a break from Batman & SuperMan =)

Jane Kingsu-Cheng said...

What do you think of the movie? :) I've been quite busy with work, so movies are not so much a priority now. Family first :)
Can't wait for Thor, too! Sawang sawa na rin ako sa Batman and Superman :o


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