Monday, May 31, 2010

Penshoppe's New Duds

Barely got to the Penshoppe event (for Philippine Fashion Week).  Hubby accompanied me, and he doesn't like getting there early.  
Good thing we made it before they started.  I love the setup:
They made quite the first impression, kicking it off with this big-haired girl:
Up next were girls showcasing the sporty chic look:
Then, there's denimlab. Loving the soft denim jodhpurs:
Distressed denim with gray hues:
Gray is still the new black:
Looking tough in camo:
Here's a video of the whole collection. You can focus on the projected "screens" if you want to see the details.
And the finale, with Penshoppe's Brand Director Alex Mendoza:
SM's Pia Abad was with us, and we bumped into one of Penshoppe's endorsers. 
Pretty girl! Sorry, I forgot her name :o
penshoppe model pia
Of course, the hubby took a photo of me and Pia ;)
penshoppe jane pia
In my opinion, great styling and fabulous show setup.  
The clothes are mostly basic in style, but I am quite impressed with how they put them all together :D
How about you? What are your thoughts?

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