Friday, June 4, 2010

Cool "Naked" Shoes

Hubby got his pair of dopies the other day---Thanks, "barefoot" store peeps! :D Though I've seen them around for quite some time, we were both weirded out by the style.

Thumbs up for hubby's choice - green/blue (he's from DLSU, and I'm from AdMU) hehe...

But when hubby tried this pair on, he was quite surprised with how comfortable and "naked" his feet felt. So, even though they are big on me, I was only just too curious to try it on and see how it feels on my own feet as well. Surprise, surprise! They ARE comfy and ultra-light. You really feel that you're not wearing anything at all.

To know more about dopies, click on this link.  Such a great and interesting read.  They have photos of the many prototypes they had before perfecting THE dopie.  Do check it out :)

We're loving the fact that it's soft, light, and comes in various color combinations.  We went to visit my parents that night, and my mom found hubby's pair cool ;)  So, don't pass judgement just yet.  Try on a dopie pair and see for yourself!

BTW, these dopies didn't just brighten our day, it made our little one laugh and smile as well.  Click here to watch the video :D

P.S. Apologies again for the lack of PFW posts, my mac ran out of batt and my boss borrowed the charger.  All the images are there in my laptop :(  Will post on Monday, promise!  Enjoy the weekend :)


Barefoot Mla/sg said...

Hi Jane! Thanks for blogging about Dopie! Glad that you labeled it with cool and weird! Can we post this on our facebook page?

Thank you,
Barefoot/Terra Plana Singapore

Jane Kingsu-Cheng said...

Hi Marie! Did I use the right words? :) It is weird, in a very cool way! And yes, you can repost this in your facebook page. Were you able to view the video in my other blog? My 11-month-old son couldn't stop laughing at the dopies :D

Barefoot Mla/sg said...

hi Jane! Nope not yet ;) What's your other blog?


Jane Kingsu-Cheng said...

Here it is :) Everyone enjoyed the video clip hehe... Hope you will, too!


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