Monday, June 7, 2010

Fashion Week Peeks 1

Finally, my PFW posts!  This week will be all about Philippine Fashion Week, so do drop by everyday to check out which shows I attended.  Today is part 1 of Day 1 of PFW: Visions & Trends featuring young designers.  


Anna Leah Salvador reinvents the little black dress.  Sticking to a color, but not to a fabric, Salvador was able to produce a myriad of LBDs.  Each fabric, used alone, or combined with another, gave each dress a distinctive appeal.  “These short dresses of velvet, stretch cotton and tulle, lace and leatherette reveal the sinuous silhouette of a woman’s body and evoke a tough and sweet impression,” explains Salvador.

Aries Lagat is true to his inspiration as he showcased a wide range of his styles.  Each piece is totally different from the rest: “It’s an ode to the great Alexander McQueen and to the iconic pieces of his different collections.”  From plain draped ones, to printed pleats, Lagat proves that he is quite the versatile designer.

Benjie Panizales takes its cue from the Moroccans with his pick of muted citrus colors.  “The cadence of colors and shapes is juxtaposed with the carefree, fluid and refined lines of the pieces” His play on linear patterns gives a mysterious ethnic vibe that’s subtly sexy.

Don Protasio brings back the toughness in fiery red numbers.  The classic manga (Japanese comics), Naruto, is brought to life in this traveling warrior collection: “The trench coats, waistcoat, biker jacket, button down shirt, and T-shirt are reconstructed and deconstructed via a play of reduction and layering using fabrics such as dense, loosely woven cotton, polycotton blend and jersey.”

Enrico Carado’s eye for detail won us over in this collection of ancient warlord theme.  One can see how each appliqué and embellishments have been cut and sewn onto the dresses for a look that’s mystically ferocious.  Carado shares: “’Neo-tribalism creates a wider and fiercer reinterpretation of tribal fashion with pieces that reference ancient cultures but incorporate futuristic elements via sculpted fabric details, armor-like embellishments and gold metal studs on clean lines and silhouettes.”

Happy Andrada’s whimsical and feminine designs are given a sassy attitude this time.  With the first ever female pilot, Amelia Earhart, as her muse, her neutral-colored collection showcased three-dimensional voluminous cuts that a give a playful vibe.  “The pieces are feminine yet edgy and are made from a variety of materials such as lace, brocade, zialle chiffon, gazzar, shantung, and tulle.”

Harley Ruedas uses Pinoy Pop culture as the highlight of his collection: “The pieces come in black, gray, ivory, beige and white with a splash of pop art featuring the most famous faces of the times.”  His introduction featured a gown with images of the latest presidentiables, followed by pieces with images of Pinoy celebrities from the 1950s until the present.  Aside from the graphics, his successful mix of tailored designs and soft fabrics is something to watch out for.


Jaki Penalosa uses hand-woven abaca as the star of the collection.  The material makes this a great candidate for cocktail dresses.  Embellished with crystal and glass beadwork, this native abaca material are given a dash of glamour that's fit for the holidays.

What do you think so far? Come back tomorrow for part 2 ;)

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