Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fashion Week Peeks 2

Here's part deux:

Jan Garcia’s holiday forecast is a refreshing one, featuring a colorful palette of teal, blush and wheat gray.  Hand embroidered floral details are the accentuated with its contrasting mix of colors.  “Modern silhouettes rendered in multi-textured materials, from silk and wool pique, sprayed paper, to crystal beaded chenille mesh, comprise my ‘Baltic Tribal’ collection.”


Martin Bautista does it again with jersey.  This time, mixed with soft fabrics such as tulle, mesh, and silk chiffon, his latest works speak of femininity and fluidity that’s all about making a dramatic entrance.  “Pieces fuse old world elegance with ultra modern sexiness, resulting in distorted shapes and silhouettes achieved by unexpected texture and detailing.”


Mitzi Quilendrino-Bustos goes for artdeco with her intricate folds.  She kept the colors muted and light to accentuate the origami cuts. Her creations "in white marble and stone gray is all about simple lines peppered with studies on ‘gravity-defiance.” 


Nolie Vineza uses fireworks and glitters as the artwork for his holiday collection.  Dark hues get a kick with glistening beadwork that’s just in time for the merry season.  “It was apply inspired by glitters and fireworks with pieces that are true testaments to this most festive of celebrations.”


Norman Noriega presented an ultra-relaxed and no-fuss set with his use of cotton fabric that’s cut into loose silhouettes.  One could very well see Noriega’s works being worn by just about anyone: “Light, versatile, and easy-to-move-in designs define the aesthetic of the collection.” We’re especially loving the Kimono-style leather wrap.


Patrick Galang gives women a more bad-ass look with his all-black collection.  “Inspired by a ‘dark Pegasus,’ and crafted from leather, tassels, ‘hair-like’ materials and silk all fused to create pieces that speak of strong and independent, subtle yet powerful women.”

Raoul Ramirez goes for Oriental-lady-spies in body-hugging black jersey numbers.  “Pieces are all black, showcasing a fusion of the oriental Indochine and the late 1800’s via versions of slim, elongated, draped and corseted Victorian styles updated with modern and minimal touches.” 

And there we have it—Visions and Trends.

Watch out for the next posts on SM ;)


kaye said...

waaaaa! i love Jan Garcia's collection so much!!

care to visit a filipina's fashion blog as well? =)



Jane Kingsu-Cheng said...

Hi Kaye! I love Jan Garcia, too! I went to visit his shop recently, will post it soon. And I wore his creation to his show. Watch out for that!
Btw, checked our your blog. I like your style ;)

Anonymous said...

hi po Ms. Jane :)
im really desperate and i need ur help.. im a 1st year HRM student. may assignment po kasi kami bout mga filipino designers and I was assigned to research about the bibliography, and the achievements of PAUL CABRAL. hindi ko po kasi mahanap sa google eh.. natry ko na lahat.. tiningnan ko na sa fb, twitter, etc. hehe.. i hope to recieve a reply from you.. ito po email add ko, fmflores17@yahoo.com.. salamat po. God bless. :)


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