Monday, August 3, 2009

Another Angel joins the Heavens

A non-shopping post...
I passed EDSA on my way home after a quick meeting this morning. I was lucky enough to bid goodbye to our beloved President Cory Aquino at the Ortigas Avenue/EDSA intersection. It was also here, back in 1986, that Filipinos converged for a peaceful rally—People Power. I was too young to understand that time, but I knew how important a role Mrs. Aquino had.

Fast forward to 2004, I worked with her daughter, Kris, as the interpreter for the Meteor Garden craze—ASOS Barbie and Dee Su. Then, in 2006, I was tasked to head her successful and one of the best-selling magazines, K mag; and worked for her a good number of 2 years. In that short span, I was lucky to have met Tita Cory a few times. She was always glowing and happy: just one look at her, and you'll be able to feel a different kind of all your troubles have been taken away. Just by looking at her, you know everything will be all right. So, when she passed away last Saturday, it is but obvious that the whole nation wept for its lost.

Thank you, President Cory Aquino, for taking care of all of us. We are truly proud to be Pinoy, thanks to you. May you rest in peace...

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