Monday, August 10, 2009

What I Found in the Dept. Store

Gothic grunge has been making quite a comeback, and there are so many reasons why it’s doing the rounds in the mainstream fashion scene. For one, Balmain’s slashed designs and boxy jackets are a fave amongst the A-list celebrities. A major influence in the fashionista world is the ‘80s era, where gothic grunge had its not-so-quiet beginnings. And lastly, American Idol’s Adam Lambert’s rockin’ look during his wild performance sealed the deal.

With all these, it’s no wonder that the young fashionphiles (even as young as 12 year olds) have quickly assimilated the trend into their everyday wear and lifestyle. A local fashion retail brand for students, Bum shows off their latest affordable Back-to-School collection of urban wear to quench their thirst for some emo-grunge style.

I'm liking their campaign photos. Extra attention and planning was obviously given to this project. That's what our local retail fashion brands have been working on. Finally, their shoots are well-thought of with a theme in mind. With an agreed upon look, it's easier to put up a shoot like this as the members of the project team would have a guide in coming up with the looks.

So, when I hit Robinson's Galleria last week (for some errands as I've mentioned in my past post), I just had to check out Bum in the mall's department store. Gothic has never been my look, but I saw some great colorful finds:
This cardigan is a winner! From what I remembered, it also comes in green/gray and pink/gray.

I'm a "shorts" girl, so I zoomed in on this pair. It's so dainty and girly...

...with lace details on the pocket; BUT it also has a "skull" rivet to go with their gothic collection. Also comes in black.

I bought this long green-striped tunic dress with side pockets, P549.75, for myself—great for those lazy "gloomy" days, and works well when paired with leggings.

It also comes with a hood with a small "skull" rivet at the tip of the hood.

The hooded inner stripe fabric spices up this plain ol' jacket, P699.75—I got this for my cousin.

It also comes with the skull fiver at the back of the hood. Packaging and other paraphernalia are nicely made—the tags are "sosyal." Don't you think so?

As if their clothes aren't affordable enough already, you get to save more this month! The brand's PR lady, Judy Maret, informed me that Bum is celebrating their 17th anniversary this month with a 20% discount that's available in all free-standing stores and selected outlets. So, do visit Bum when you head out to the malls.

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