Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pseudo Spy Cam

One of my earlier posts included this wireless IP camera that we bought from CDR-King for P5800. The price might be cheaper now...

We bought it so that hubby can view us even if he's in the office. Sometimes, he would even call me
so I can carry little J and bring him closer to the camera so he can get a better look :)

This is how it looks like from the computer. We can also record whenever we're both out of the house. We were very careful not to make the nanny feel like we're very strict, but the purpose of this camera really is to spy on her hehe... I told our nanny that we wanted one, so that daddy gets to see him even if he's at the office. She even gamely shows off little J when hubby calls :) It never hurts to be safe :D

* Do take note that you have to have our own IP address to be able to have access outside the house. But if you're viewing from within, you'll be able to do so even without an IP address. Call your ISP to inquire :)


Frances said...

Oh my, CD-R King really has everything! If only they improve their payment system!!!

This is a good idea. When I have a kid, I'll buy one for every room of the house!!!

StyleKit said...

Yup, they do have everything, and the payment system sucks! They don't even accept credit card payments. I didn't have that much cash with me when I bought it, so I had to run to the nearest ATM :o


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