Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How a Bag can Save a Child and more!

I received a text from a good friend/schoolmate/colleague/blogger on a bag she's giving away—for a price, of course ;)

"Please participate in the silent auction of an Hermès Victoria bag (worth 200k!)
at Accessory Lab, 2/F Power Plant mall, Rockwell from Aug 10-16.
Starting bid is only P100! This is for the benefit of Fabella hospital.
For more details, please call 890-9011 or go to
Your help is appreciated!"

*photo courtesy of thebaghag

Imagine, an Hermes bag that's worth over P200k is up for grabs—in superb condition and complete with dustbag and box, too! But what caught my attention more than the prized bag and the low starting bid was WHY is she giving away an Hermes bag?!

Last night, I found out from her blog that the Fabella hospital is a "baby factory." According to wikipedia, it has been delivering an average of 88 babies everyday since 2003! Most babies even share bassinets and cribs! My heart sank when I read this, even more when I saw photos from the latest post of Chuvaness. Visit her blog and you'll know why I am even more determined to help the bag hag/Mrs. T out! Chuvaness herself is also trying to raise funds through cash donations via Paypal. Visit her blog if you want to donate. Every peso is appreciated :)

For those who can only dream of owning an Hermes, now is the chance you've been waiting for. It might not be a Kelly or a Birkin, but it's still an Hermes. Think of it as a "thank you" gift for donating ;) Interested ladies should visit thebaghag's site to get the details on how to join the silent bidding. More photos of the Hermes Victoria is posted there as well. Good luck, thank you and I hope you win the bag!

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