Monday, August 17, 2009

Are You Poppy?

I make it a point to buy magazines whenever I go abroad. This time, since I'm nursing little J... I didn't go with my mom to HK last month, but asked her to buy me my usual load of foreign fashion magazines :)

Look what I found in ELLE Japanese?

This new collection got me giddy and excited. Hint: the brand is printed on this page.

Just when Coach "left" Manila, it comes out with these cute bags... grrr...

If Louis Vuitton has their Murakami collection series, Coach has Poppy-Chan collection. Obviously, this line is targeted for the Japanese, most probably because Japanese ladies have received the brand so well there. Check out this video:

Don't you agree with me that the characters remind me of Disney's Powerpuff girls with a bit of '60s space age (white boots and mod dresses)? :D

To know more about the latest collection of Coach, visit their site and you'll surely have fun browsing the goods. Their mouse pointer even has cute hearts that follow you around the screen hihi... Too bad I found out about this collection after my mom's trip to HK, or I would have been TEMPTED to asked her to buy me a headband, tiara (but where would I wear it? :D) or a necklace/bracelet/ring.

Daphne Headband, $128 and Tiara Headband, $148

The Creative Director of Coach, Reed Krakoff, shared, "Poppy offers a different attitude that is younger in spirit. It's playful, with more prints, interesting fabrics and more experimentation. These are countered with a more classic shape or a more traditional construction. The line is cohesive but has a diverse range of items, from a tote covered in a profusion of red sequins to 'Gossip Girl'-worthy tiaras to pochettes covered in strands of gold beads."

Hmmm... looks like Coach has caught on the "Gossip Girl" bug, too! Some of the bags kinda reminds me of Marc by Marc Jacobs from seasons past with the locking mechanisms, patent leather and the big leather tag (for Marc, it was metal hardware). But you know me and happy brights (love them!), and this collection is definitely worth browsing—check them out yourself.

Their ballet flats have sequins on the toe cap—very disco preppy!

I'm in love with their wedges :o

One more site to visit is the Poppy Town. It's in Japanese though, but the animation, map, and interface (you'll know what I'm talking about when you get there) are just sooooo cute! Enjoy ;P

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