Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bring It On

Never has school spirit been so alive and stylish, I should say. Witty statement shirts and cool graphic tees have invaded the campuses. One such clothing line caught my eye—the Jersey Dress. As basic as the name, they’re dresses inspired from basketball jerseys that are tailored fit for ladies. Yes, ladies, they custom make these dresses just for you.

This ingenious project came about when UAAP courtside reporter Sharon Yu wanted to wear a jersey dress to her school’s pep rally and asked schoolmate Patrick Giron to make one for her. Giron is known for making jerseys, so it was a cinch to make a feminine version for Yu. It was an obvious hit as people immediately placed orders. This lead to a third partner, Rachel Guerrero, who handled the sales and put up an online shop via multiply (among others) for interested customers.

Barely two years old, it has already been featured in shows such as Unang Hirit in GMA 7, One Morning Show in RPN 9, Hardball in Studio 23, and Fashionistas by Heart in Qtv. Personalities have also placed orders, with Isabelle Daza’s as one of those who quickly became fans of the Jersey Dress.

Two hundred happy ladies have been seen wearing these cool jersey dresses—all custom fit as each is only made once you’ve submitted your order. Visit their site ( to check out the size chart. You can even request for minor changes, and even adjust the length of the dress, if you want. As for the material, the stretchable Spundy fabric is used, which is quite cool on the body.

They offer two playful designs: the basic and the off-shoulder dress. No two are alike, as you get to choose the color combination, number, and team name for your special jersey. Your school icon is imprinted on the dress, too! All for an affordable price of P550 for the basic, and P600 for the off-shoulder design. Even better news, get discounts for every three or more dresses. So, get your friends to place orders and show up at the court in these cute jerseys. See you at the games ;)

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