Monday, March 1, 2010

... and the WINNERS are...

Based on the sequential number of entries (with date stamp):
1. Jenny Joy Ong
2. Kumiko Mae L. Yasuda
3. Hedley Chua
4. Grace Umali
5. May Ann Saturno
6. Carla Gonzalez
7. Stonibert Lim
8. Dianne Chrisdelle Lu
9. Alona Banlos
10. Denise Lu
11. Carina Gue
12. Rowena Wendy Lei
13. Jay-L
14. Jamie Tan
15. Mary Anne Co
16. Rosa Ferrer
17. Shirley Co
18. Danessa Lu
19. Elisa Co
20. Teresita Lim
21. Deanina Lu
22. Jane Jimenez
23. Joel Angot
24. Paulina Gue
25. Paul Jefferson Gue
26. Jason Gue

I have randomly picked FOUR numbers, with the help of
Here are the winners:

17. Shirley Co + special gift
2. Kumiko Mae Yasuda + special gift
20. Teresita Lim + special gift (to be confirmed)
6. Carla Gonzalez

Congratulations, ladies! I will be sending an e-mail regarding pick-up of your ENJOY KITS worth P1,595. I have set aside three beauty goodies for Shirley, Kumiko and Teresita, and will be sending a photo of the prizes for Shirley (first) to pick, then Kumiko, then Teresita.

Thank you so much for joining my little contest. It's great to hear your thoughts. Rest assured that I will try to put a little of everything you've requested in my future posts. Watch out for more contests as well ;)

In the meantime, I got this text last weekend from one of the prettiest and stylish Marketing/PR moguls, Carmina Sanchez, who happens to own this hip clothing brand Poivre:
POIVRE at The Ramp, Glorieta, welcomes summer with neutrals, polka dots and flirty cuts. Check out our first batch of deliveries this week. All dresses from 999-1899 only! Limited stocks per style so hurry and get your hands on the hottest stuff this weekend! Perfect for the hot days and breezy nights ahead :)


Manila Stone said...

Wow!! Congrats to the winners and to you jane as well for a great promo... hope there's more to come...

carla said...

oh wow, i won! :)

StyleKit said...

Manila Stone: Thanks for joining, and spreading the word. Will work on more prizes in the future :)

Carla: I sent you an e-mail but I haven't heard from you. My e-mail add is :D


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