Friday, March 12, 2010

Makeup to Love + Sales to Check Out

My heart skipped a beat when Jane Lapuz of Prestige (the company that distributes Paul & Joe makeup line) sent me these pictures.

Just in time for Tim Burton's release, the brand joined in on the fun with Disney's version of Alice in Wonderland. Each set comes with a blotting paper tin and refill, and a tinted lip treatment stick. Priced at P2,850, it's already out this month!

My face isn't oily, so I've never really used blotting paper. Maybe I will find some other use for these tin cans? :)

On the other hand... these lip treatment sticks are something I'd love to have and use :D Aren't they pretty?

Jane also sent me a brief on what these babies can do:
1. Adheres snugly to lips with a delectably soft, creamy sensation.
The formula’s delicate balance of wax and light, fresh smooth oil makes the lipstick spread on delectably smooth. It also contains lasting fit oil, which is highly adhesive and very flexible, so it glides on smooth and creamy and adheres snugly to the lips.

2.Enjoy a long-lasting coat of moisture, a tinge of beautiful color, and a hint of luscious shine.
Lasting fit oil combines with amino acid-based shield oil, which is highly compatible with the lips, to form a moist veil. This curbs the evaporation of moisture and keeps lips plump and full. You also get a tinge of color, and smooth oil provides a hint of luscious shine

3. Natural active ingredients from plants gently condition the lips.
Formulated with generous amounts of natural active ingredients from plants that have excellent emollient properties. Softens lips that have become chapped and tough due to dryness, and provides them with rich moisture. Relieves concerns about dryness and vertical lines, and leaves lips plump and gorgeous.

*Ingredients include organic olive, apricot, and jojoba oils; and oil-soluble rosemary extracts.

Oh, and speaking of... if you love the brand, or you want to try their products, today is a good day to go check out their SALE :D Visit their office at 1779 Nicanor Garcia St., San Miguel Village, Makati City.

Oh, and New Yorker is also on sale. I'm not sure how much and what exactly are on discounted deals, but they're definitely worth it. New Yorker PVR is located at 1004 Arnaiz Avenue, Makati. Telephone number: 844-7753. Call for appointments if you wish to have a custom-made piece done. Open from Tuesday to Saturday. 10 a.m. — 6 p.m. I do suggest that you call and ask if there are pieces left, since their stuff gets sold pretty fast.

Happy weekend, everyone! :D


Frances said...

omigosh, i love alice in wonderland! i have to own those lovely things!!! thanks, jane, for posting about this =)

StyleKit said...

You're welcome, Frances! I love the layout of the products with "tea and macaroons" :D I'm excited for your ultrasound today. Keep us posted.

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

its soo pretty alice and wonderland on Pal and joe!


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