Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Late Post: My Night at Hermes

Remember Max Brenner at Greenbelt 3? It has now been replaced by Hermes, and I recently attended their launch/formal opening. It was quite noisy (kakahiya) when the Asian Director (not sure) started his speech.

These "angels" greeted us by the entrance, btw...

It was pretty packed, and we positioned ourselves near this sales lady. I had to take a stolen shot of her,
I like how she wore her scarf. See the boxes at the back? I wonder if they were given to VIPs that night...

After the speech and the toast, we went around the store.
Some were buying, like this lady who wanted to check out their scarves.

I love tulips :D

After a round, we were asked to follow the path (behind Greenbelt 4) going to Ayala Museum.
It was a closed path, and both sides were made of temporary grass walls.

Every few meters, we'd see "Mr. Horse" guarding the area. We just couldn't resist having our photo taken. That's Melody, Mr. Horse, me and Keri Zamora of Kira Plastinina (Philippines). They both have Hermes birkins, while I was carrying Chanel Mademoiselle bag. For those of you who are wondering what I'm wearing... it's a Ronaldo Arnaldo dress with Wild Diva heels by House of High Heels.

When we got to Ayala Museum, we had another photo op. The background is very "Hermes" right?
With us in the photo is Grace Velasco of Divasoria and The Radar (Philippine Star).

Overflowing drinks...

Lots of pica-pica food

I had cheese the most that night

Some people shots... I love her dress. And how fab that she wore Melissa boots :)

Pops Fernandez

I like how she tied her "Hermes"

PR maven Ginggay Joven dela Merced

Preview's Daryl Chang and Pauline Juan

I also got to hang out with Bebeth Timbol (my ex-boss and very good friend),
Metro Society's Raul Manzano, and Leah Puyat.

Took a full body shot of Leah. She's such a ray of sunshine :)

How cute her "clutch" right?

Leah said it's a display she got at home, and shows us that it even has a strip of "fortune" inside. haha...

Lots of peeps in Hermes, but the ones that stood out for me where those like Leah's. You don't really have to be in designer duds to get my attention.
Oh, and about the party...let's just say it wasn't really my thing since the crowd was more for the "older" ones, but it was great catching up with ol' friends
and having our photo taken with Mr. Horse haha ;)

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