Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No Need to Fly Out

My brothers are fans of the Japanese retail store, Muji. My brother, Jones, loves his Muji eyeglasses which he bought in Japan last Holy Week.

We spent a considerable amount of time at that store when we last went to Hong Kong (which was last December). If you're familiar with our local "Anonymous" shop back in the '90s, their items and the store interiors are something close to that—very minimalist. The only difference is that the colors aren't as dark (black, red, military green, gray). Muji's color palette are all light, clean, and in earth tone hues.

*photo taken from http://balticdesign.files.wordpress.com

Muji sells almost everything! Last December, our whole family "divided and conquered," with all of us buying something from Muji. I tried looking for bed linens, but it seems they didn't make california king sizes :( Then, I headed to their stationery supplies. Like a kid in a candy store, I took my time picking colorful ballpens, sign pens and refills :D

*photo taken from http://anglotopia.com

No need to get all jealous with my post, because Muji is coming to town! Weeee! I got this text from Ginggay Joven-de la Merced and her team from Visions & Expressions (the PR group who handles most of Rustan's, SSI, and other companies related to them):

Muji will be in Manila by September on top of the Gap store in Bonifacio High Street. They will carry RTW, gifts, home, statio, food, etc...

Oooh, we can't wait :D

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