Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Resto To Try

For now, another food post ;) Spent Saturday evening with my childhood friends—one of them was celebrating her birthday and she picked Romulo Cafe as THE place to have dinner. It's located at the corner of Dr. Lascano and Sct. Tuazon Streets (near the street behind Alfredo's restaurant in Tomas Morato).

It was pretty packed, but I was quite please with the ample parking space:

I'm liking the celery green/white/black combo of the venue:

Photos of WWII era, maybe those that are connected to General Romulo, were on display:

There was even a long "note" placed on the wall going up to the 2nd floor:

Here is their menu:
You can click on it to enlarge. Prices are about P200-P300.

I couldn't bring myself to eat these baby squids :( But hubby and the rest said it was really good.
Baby Squid in Garlic, P220

Their tilapia was delicious as well.
Flying Tilapia with three sauces, P295

I couldn't get enough of their Chicken Relleno, P595.
It was really packed with flavor. It tastes just as good, without the sauce.

Thumbs up for ambience and the food. The only thing that bothered us was the aircon units. We were seated at the ground floor, by the entrance. They had two aircon units, but one of the two was facing us so it was getting pretty cold. We had to ask them to shut it off. But when they did, it started to get humid. I hope they'll be able to fix the problem soon. Other than that, I think it's a must-try; most especially for those who love Filipino food :D

Romulo Cafe
32 Dr. Lascano corner Sct. Tuazon St, Q.C.
Tel num: 332-7275


The NeuroChiq said...

LOL on the baby squid, have you tried the one from Abe's? It was also good. =)

Shar Tan said...

Jane! Sabi na ba it was you who I saw in Romulo's. I was there din for Saturday dinner but seated on the other room.

StyleKit said...

NeuroChiq: Haha... kawawa e :( I don't think I'll every try Abe's, too :o But thanks for the reco.

Shar: Really? You were seated outside? Hindi naman mainit sa labas? How did you find the place and their food?


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