Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday Post

Sunday lunches are spent with my side of the family, and we always end up at Rockwell Power Plant Mall. The boys picked Myron's (again); they love their steak.

I showed them my ENJOY card, and got this: vegetable curry samosas (It was ow-kay, nothing exciting)

Hubby and I had pastas. Presentation was good, but this one below with the breaded pork chop didn't make the cut for us. But if you like crispy ones, then this one is for you.

Their Grilled Chicken with Blue Cheese was so-so as well. I couldn't taste and smell the blue cheese—I was excited for that :( On a happy note, their garlic bread was good.

Baby brother ordered their steak, as well as my dad and my other brother. Unfortunately, my baby brother's steak had too much tendon and "litid" that he wasn't able to enjoy :( Good thing, the staff was kind enough to make him another one. So, plus points for that.

In between entrees, an activity started outside. You know how brands have been coming up with "impromptu" activities at the mall? Well, Havaianas just did one yesterday. I was able to take a video of it:

After which, my brother Jones ordered his fave coffee dessert. If you love coffee and ice cream together, then you should try their Coffee Espresso:

While my family waited for their "Alice in Wonderland" movie tickets (we've already watched it), we walked around and checked out the new Mercedes Benz cars. I told hubby: "One day, little J will have his own—in 3 decades... haha..." I just hope that he will grow up to be a very good, loving, and successful man/son. Love you, my little man!

So, how was your Sunday? :)

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