Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Barbie Goes to the Ballet

We can always count on facebook and twitter for the latest buzz. The most recent of which is from facebook, which started with status updates on how the designers are all dressing up Barbie dolls. Tippi Ocampo and James Reyes had an exchange of tips and ideas on how to make the clothes, with Ocampo reminiscing about her childhood toys.

A week after, photos of their collection were posted. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing these magnificent and very detailed works. Louis Claparols came up with Lady-Gaga inspired Barbies, while James Reyes photos were worthy of a fashion editorial. Everyone was definitely inspired, like New Yorker’s Tina Lirag who thinks of Barbie as every designer’s perfect client: “At 50 years old, she still has the perfect body. She can wear anything and everything!”

A lot of them were transported back in time, as they immersed themselves in producing a collection for the iconic
doll. Patrice Ramos-Diaz even “remembers playing Barbie with my cousins every summer. We converted one of our lola’s small antique cabinets into a fully furbished Barbie house. Back then, I would hand sew little dresses and bags for my Barbie dolls.”

Like most, Puey Quinones had a fun and challenging experience dressing up these dolls. “I thought it was going to be easy because it’s small lang, but I was wrong! I realized it was kind of hard to sew small dresses and make patterns, too! So what I did was mostly draping.”

A “small” task for this group of 42 big-hearted designers. Eric Delos Santos was all worked up for this very privileged assignment. “It’s for a good cause,” he adds. These Barbie dolls will be put up for auction for the benefit of Ballet Philippine scholars and dancers. “Barbie ballet represent every girl’s idyllic dream. Through Ballet Barbie, we hope to create the perfect blend of these two and come up with something that every girl will want to keep and cherish for the rest of her life,” says Ballet Philippine President Margie Moran-Floirendo.

I was invited to a preview of the Barbie dolls last week, but I was in a rush. Car was coded and I had to borrow my parents' car and driver. I arrived on the dot, 2 p.m., at The Conservatory at Manila Peninsula hotel. Everyone was still busy preparing for the press preview...

I couldn't even enjoy the food, but I had a few small bites of their pastries. Yum ;P

As mentioned earlier, everyone was busy preparing. So I went around and took photos of my fave designs:

Cary Santiago is always a fave. Isn't it obvious why?

Hans Bruman with their fabulous accessories

James Reyes and his elaborate beadwork

Louis Claparols and his lady gaga-inspired outfits

I was also given a CD with pictures of the other designers' collections, check these out:

Eric delos Santos: “I love weddings. They’re mini-versions of the previous bridal gowns I made.”

Patrice Ramos-Diaz: “Swan Lake, in particular, was my inspiration. It’s a mix of whites, grey, nude, and pink; with emphasis on the texture of gathered tulle and puffy silhouettes.

Puey Quinones: “My inspiration is from the dresses I made for my clients that I really love, but couldn’t keep. I wanted to see those designs again, so I decided to make them in Barbie size.”

Tina Lirag: “I was inspired by different ballets: Jewels, Carmen, Metamorphosis. From there, I designed the dresses as if each of the dolls were a certain client of ours.”

Feel free to click on the photos to zoom in on the details :)

* Ballet Philippines is grateful to American Express, Lifestyle Network, Manny O. Wines, Metro Society, The Peninsula Manila, Philips and Richwell. These dressed-up Barbie dolls will be officially unveiled at the Ballet Barbie Auction and Exhibit TOMORROW---March 17, 2010, Wednesday, 6:00pm at the Rigodon Ballroom of The Peninsula Manila. For inquiries, please call Caroll Odvina at 0922-8135148. For information on the auction, please contact Menchu Manteco at 0918-9425118 or email menchugonzalezmantecon@yahoo.com.


Sush said...

ooh how very interesting! I think i saw a post from chuvaness about something like this. Think she posted rajo's barbie ( I just cant remember exactly) hehe Reminds me of my sweet mom who would stay up late at night to make my barbie grogeous clothes! hehe

StyleKit said...

Yes, chuvaness posted a few earlier. And how sweet of your mom. Were you able to keep any?


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