Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Asia's Cult Cream Acknowledged

I attended a very small private luncheon a few weeks back at Mandarin Hotel. It was hosted by Pond’s and organized by Tita Susan and daughter Ginggay Joven’s (her married name is now dela Merced) PR/Events company, Visions & Expressions. I was planning on dropping by to say hi only (was in a rush to finish my writing assignments before I pop—btw, I gave birth to our baby Jared last Thursday, June 25 :D), but ended up staying for a good 30 minutes.

What was this small gathering about? It was to share this piece of good news to us, beauty writers, that Pond’s Age Miracle Daily Resurfacing Cream was featured in the Tyra Banks show as “Asia’s Cult Cream.” The episode focused on international beauty solutions from America and around the globe, with Pond’s wonder cream as the crème de la crème that will lighten age spots and lessen fine lines and wrinkles—in just 7 days!

As mentioned in the show regarding Pond’s: “People are going crazy about it in Asia. It’s the number one beauty product over there, with the reason being that it contains retinol and retinol boosters which are proven anti-agers.” And to think this product isn't available in the U.S. I read it in the Tyra Banks website that people have been ordering it online, just to have it shipped to them :o

In the short 30 minutes that I was there, I was introduced to Apples Aberin-Sadwani (the new Global PR for Pond’s), a dermatologist (I forgot to jot down her name), and the brand manager for Pond’s—Jade Yuengtian (whom I haven’t seen for a while; she’s my god sister, btw). We were seated in a round table; here in the photo seated in front of me is Kelly Misa and Rissa Mananquil...

Food was scrumptious and I love the floral centerpieces, don’t you agree?

Tulips are my fave flowers, which is no wonder why I fell in love with these :) Wish I could have taken them home hehe...

We were also treated to a skin analysis program (on the spot!), but I was in a hurry

and the Pond's group suggested that I do not take it since I was preggy at that time.

All three took turns presenting and sharing their knowledge on Pond’s and skincare. One thing I’ve learned is that Pond’s has a patented CLA technology and well-known retinol (a form of Vitamin A) and retinol boosters that, combined, create a maximum effect on battling anti-aging skin problems.

I, myself, tested this product way, way back. When Pond’s “challenged” me to a blind test—using luxe expensive creams on one side of my face VS Pond’s on the other side for a few weeks. Lo and behold, the side which I applied Pond’s with appeared to be much fairer, smoother and brighter! I kid you not! So, why spend so much when you get the same benefits with a tried-and-tested brand like Pond’s?

From it's humble beginnings with just a small range of products, it has added more and more products like this Microdermabrasion kit that I'm eyeing). Now, you can do it at home, too! Pretty cool, don't you think?

For those who wish to check out the feature in the Tyra Banks show, visit

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