Monday, July 27, 2009

One-Up for this Onesie

I had to go out last Friday for a quick errand at Shangri-la Plaza Mall, and couldn't resist not dropping by Zara since it went on a further marked down sale. I didn't have much time to look around when I got there, so I asked a sales staff where theIR rompers/onesies were—it's one of the pieces I've been eyeing, and probably the only outfit that can fit my post-preggy body. Can you guess how much I got this for?

It's such a steal at only P995! I didn't know it went that LOW until I paid for it, since they were still fixing the price tags when I was there. From P2750, it went down to P1350; and I was only too happy to find out that I only had to pay for P995. Score!!! *pardon the background of the photo above, this was taken inside our bathroom :o*

Now, the real purpose of this post is not to show off my find, though it is a good one ;) I wanted to share with you the many ways you can wear this romper to give it more mileage.

First: the standard way

Second: The straps are quite wide, so I draped them down on my arms for a more demure look.

Third: halter. I just criss-crossed the straps :)

Fourth: Venus neckline. I pulled one of the straps to the other side, and twisted the two straps, for an asymmetrical look.
One-shoulders are very in trend now.

Fifth: Variation of the one-shoulder neckline. I pulled down one of the straps to drape my arms :)

This is how I'd wear it, because I have bigger arms now (still not back to my pre-preggy weight). I paired it with a striking hot pair of Melissa T-strap jelly wedges an extra boost of color (to liven up a washed-out gray outfit). The wedges lengthen your body as well, since rompers (most especially in jodhpur style that's loose and big) will make you look shorter. Flats would only work on slim and/or tall ladies.

I hope this post inspired you to play with your clothes. Don't just take the clothes as is OR how they're presented to you by the shops. There are so many ways to wear and pair them; nothing's set in stone. See where each piece/outfit takes you, that's the fun in dressing up. Enjoy!


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