Thursday, July 16, 2009

Luxury Bags on Hand

A few weeks back, I featured Bagaholic—a store that sells pre-owned designer bags. I believe it has created quite a stir, as some of my friends sent me text messages on how the post was heaven-sent to them. This time around, I'm featuring another "establishment" that also sells pre-owned luxury bags, on a much smaller scale.

I discovered Urban Flair, an online shop via that sells designer/branded bags and accessories. What started out as a super small time business blossomed into a self-sustaining one. Imagine, they started with only about two to five bags, and grew from there. Below is a short Q&A I had with UF:

Style Scout: Are all your items pre-owned?
Urban Flair: Our designer bags are all preloved, as we would love to say. Some of our items are like new or mint condition. We also have brand new non-designer items that are hard-to-find.

Style Scout: Where are your bags from?
Urban Flair: From abroad or from personal collections.

Style Scout: Do you accept consignments?
Urban Flair: Not really, except if it's from the actual owner since we are very careful with regards to authenticity. If they're not designer items, yes, we are open for consignments.

Style Scout: Do you buy bags for clients when they are in search of specific bags?
Urban Flair: We do, and we do pre-orders. But there are specific bags that the client would have to wait for depending on availability.

Style Scout: What's the best-priced bag you've sold?
Urban Flair: We sold a loop LV monogram bag for P20k plus only, it retails for P60k plus...and the conditon's very good. We've also sold LV epi bags (photo below) for about P25k; retail price is also about P60k.

Style Scout: What's the best "find" you've ever sold?
Urban Flair: Best find would always be a Chanel, whether vintage or not.

UF's TIP: It's recommended for interested buyers to give us their e-mail address as we update people of new stocks every so often. The people in our e-mail list get first dibs, that's why some bags don't get a chance to be posted in our multiply account :)

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