Monday, July 6, 2009

Suit Up for Tennis

I've never been a sports fanatic. Save for basketball come UAAP time, but that was when I was in college and working in Chalk (college) magazine. My hubby introduced me to the "wonderful world" of basketball, badminton and tennis. He never misses a game of NBA, PBA, UAAP and sometimes, even NCAA! It's fun watching collegiate basketball with him as we're from universities that have been "made" mortal enemies.

As of this moment, hubby is watching the men's finals of the Wimbeldon Tournament 2009. Well, he's been watching every night, while I busied myself taking care of our newborn :) I was able to watch the pre-game clips where they interviewed Roger Federer and Andy Roddick though. Who's your pick?

Funny and wisecracking Andy Roddick


Suave and multi-lingual Roger Federer?

My eyes glued to the TV when my hubby complimented Federer's tennis outfit. I have to admit, it's the classiest men's tennis outfit to date—by anyone! I had to go online and look for more photos. Apparently, Nike made a special collection of apparel and footwear to prep him up for the big tourny. This game is also his attempt to beat Pete Samprass' Grand Slam record of 15 through this Wimbeldon Tournament, if he wins. Even Samprass was there to watch this history-in-the-making live!

Nike Tennis Design Director Janice Lucina shares: "This year, we took inspiration from a jacket in the Nike Sportswear line, the M-65. Based on this modern interpretation of a classic military silhouette from 1965, we used the body as a starting point and created a tailored look for Roger to wear when walking on and off court. This contemporary piece is intricately hand-crafted and includes engraved zipper pulls with premium detailing throughout the garment that'll give Roger a clean, understated look as he walks on court."

Wam Bam! I super love this shot!

Pristine white, matched with gold accents.

Getting ready for the big game. Of course, he doesn't play without his Rolex—he's the first male endorser of the famous watch brand.

Don't you just love the subtle RF (his initials) logo?

Oh, and he's wearing these zoomair shoes...

Two thumbs up for the criss-cross dotted detail

Another set for the main man, warm-up trousers...

... matched with this luxe coat with piping detail. So preppy!

I simply adore this RF collection by Nike, but I don't think it will be sold locally since tennis isn't as big as basketball and boxing here in the Philippines. And as to who wins? As of this writing, the two players are still going at it. But I'm cheering for Federer, while my hubby roots for Roddick ;) Go, Roger!


Frances said...

Tee hee, Roger has but one look. I prefer his version to Blue Steel, though =)

Style Scout said...

Come to think of it, he does! And yes, i prefer his version, too! haha... I enjoy reading your blog, btw :)


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