Thursday, September 3, 2009

Beauty Restored

Rivers are an important source of life, and Pasig River is not an exception. Pollution, overpopulation, and an increase number of informal settlers by the river banks have made the 25-kilometer river an unsightly one. It is the hope of “Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig,” to help bring back the glory of our nation’s most prominent river by closely working with key Philippine government agencies, ABS-CBN Foundation and its key programs—Bantay Kalikasan, Bantay Bata, and Educational TV.

Last month, Kiehl’s announced their support to “Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig,” with activities that will run all throughout the rest of the year. This month, a painting auction consists of the works of Angel Cancio, Jun Martinez, Nemi Miranda, Menchu Arandilla, Al Perez, vic Batioco, Nic Masangkay, Eric Mercado, Jun Rocha and Josef were held with proceeds going to “Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig.” Other projects include “Bottles Recylcing Drive” with the earnings used to make bricks for relocation houses, and an in-store donation drive for the relocated families.

Lastly, five peso from the Rare Earth Pore Minimizing collection, when sold, will be donated to the organization as well. This new skincare line boasts of Kiehl’s latest discovery, detoxifying Amazonian White Clay from the Marajo Island that works on giving you clearer and cleaner skin. This latest collection includes Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser, Rare Earth Pore Refining Tonic, Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Lotion and Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque; with a formulated combination of Amazonian White Clay, Kaolin, and Bentonite that works on removing dirt, toxins, excess oil and dead skin cells.

Along with all these projects, Kiehl's hosted a little surprise tour of Pasig River. Too bad I wasn't able to join them :( To read all about the tour (I'm jealous, but there will always be a next time), visit my friend's page, Topaz Horizon :)


Frances said...

Ay, oo nga... bakit wala ka dun sa river ferry cruise? Were you still pregnant/giving birth/just gave birth? =D I can't seem to remember anything anymore...

StyleKit said...

I'm still hibernating from all the events, since I have to nurse our newborn... Let's sit together at future events, when I have more free time hehe :) Inggit ako... wish I had my P20 bill signed, too! And I've been wanting to ride the ferry.


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