Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Plastic Fantastic

Just when we thought using paper bags are enough to help reduce waste, here comes a scientific breakthrough called Oxo-Biodegration Process (OBP). The term can be a bit daunting, but it’s actually a very simple process. The film, which has OBP, decomposes into fine powder only when placed inside disposal bins.

Sheree Roxas-Chua Gotuaco of Elite Garments (Freeway, Ensembles, Solo, 22 B.C.) proudly shares, “We are the first fashion brand retailer who embarked on this effort of oxo-biodegradable plastic bags. We were not sure how the customers would react having been used to paper bags as the standard in the industry. Surprisingly, they were supportive about it, that in our own small way we are saving the environment.”
Read on to find out why OBP might just be the global solution for both fashion retailers and shoppers alike:

Style Kit: Why is it better than using paper?
Elite Garments:
Paper bags are usually known as “natural product”, however, they are relatively heavy, expensive, slow to biodegrade and consume more energy to make. They generate more pollution in production than polyethylene. Each time, we make paper bags, we need to cut more trees and replacing them will take a long time.

SK: Why is it good for the environment?
They are strong, impermeable to liquids and gases, easy to process into complex forms and they are inexpensive. They are reusable and can be recycled. Aside form these properties that conventional plastics have as well, the oxo-biodegradable technology allows for the acceleration rate at which these products return to the ecosystem when they are ultimately discarded landfills, litter, or compost.

SK: Is OBP harmful?
No, the active ingredient in oxo-biodegradable products, a transition metal salt, is used at very low levels. They are not toxic to sensitive and plant and animal organisms. In fact, it has also been determined to be safe for use as food packaging.

*Support Elite Garments in their quest for a better and safer world. Participating brands include Freeway, Ensembles, Solo, and 22 B.C.

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