Friday, September 25, 2009

Style Kit's First Contest :D

I just love schu's (take note, schu is spelled with a small 's') latest window display at Power Plant mall. They're full of cute cuddly teddy bears :) But that's just icing on the cake. New shoes await inside...

Don't you just love the interiors, and how they've set up the shop? So inviting!

There are soooo many delightful shoes, but I'll focus on the flats for this post :) Oxford shoes and brogues are the latest IT flat footwear to have. How to pull this off? pair them with tailored sexy silhouettes for a feminine touch.

I just had to take a photo of the sole, isn't she cute? These patent loafers come in neutral tones that will go well with just about anything.

Go rocker chic in these studded square-toe leather flats

These canvas models come in cute complementing containers. Plus, the price isn't bad at P999 a pair ;)

The bling-blings are presented with a twist, wrapped in tulle, for the girliest princess.

These suede ankle straps come with a pins

Scribbles make this pair a fun one to wear. I especially love the grey shoe with lime green accents.

Now, this reminds of Louis Vuitton/Murkami's "Eye Love You" collection. Don't you agree?

Now, for the fun part. Thanks to the beautiful, fit, stylish, and sexy lady behind schu, Ms. Ruby Gan is giving away a P500 gift certificate to one lucky lady (or man who will win it for a special someone). Here are the details:

* Participant should have a blogger account. If you do not have one, kindly leave your name (first name and surname), and e-mail address (the one you regularly check) along with the answer to this question: HOW MANY BEARS ARE IN THIS POST?
* You can click on the photos to enlarge, to make counting easier.
* Submission of entries start now, Friday 1 a.m. and ends Saturday 1 a.m.
* The first person to leave a comment with the right answer wins the P500 GC. It's that simple :)
* The winner's name will be posted on Monday. So come back on Monday to find out if you're the lucky one.
* Once confirmed, the winner shall claim the P500GC at the Chocolate schu Bar at Power Plant Mall.



teeyah. said...

Wild guess: 29 :)

Angelique FP said...

38 bears? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane!

Can I join your contest? Hehehe :)

Answer: 11 bears
email address:

Enna :)

Anonymous said...

name: Kath Ebalo
with the answer to this question:

CANDY DOLL said...

Hi Jane! I love the blog!

There are lots of bears but I guess, or the way I see it, there are 24 bears. Loads of bears on photos 1 and 2. Also, half bear is that included?

Anyway, I'm Charlene Dy. My blog's

Best regards!

Frances said...

ACK! It's 12:54 AM!!! I have a few minutes left at naduling-duling talaga ako!!!

My answer: 44 bears!!!

Photo 1 27
Photo 2 10
Photo 3 1
Photo 4 0
Photo 5 1
Photo 6 1
Photo 7 1
Photo 8 2
Photo 9 0
Photo 10 1

MalDeeTuh said...

10 bears! am i too late? =(

i love the studded ballerina flats!

StyleKit said...

Hi ladies!

Sorry for the very late reply :( I realized I wasn't able to approve these comments. Yikes!
Thanks so much for joining, nakakaduling ba? :)
Frances of Topaz Horizon won the schu gc. Congrats!!! :D She "worked hard" and truly deserves the gc, since she's a super fan of schu hihi...
Until the next contest!



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