Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hot and Stylish, with Poivre

Not everyone has the courage to take that giant leap into the fashion retail world, but not for PR and Marketing maven Carmina Sanchez. With a little nudge from friends and colleagues, Poivre (pronounced pawvr) was finally introduced to Manila’s stylephiles at The Ramp, Glorietta. Tunics, dresses, metallic leggings and beaded vests are among the brand’s bestsellers, with Sanchez restocking almost as soon as they were displayed.

Carmina in one of her designs. You can wear it with or without the one-shoulder strap. FYI, this tube dress is on sale :)

I'm loving this double layered tank dress. You can tuck in the first layer into your jeans for a different look.

Here are some of the reasons why I love Poivre:
* no need to iron them
* very versatile, each piece can go from day to night
* there's more than one way to wear them

Here's some of my top picks :)

Play with the collar of this cardigan:
a. big collar
b. flip it
c. curl it inwards

These tunics can be worn as dresses or as tops.

Put this over your tank top/tube tops or tube dresses.

These can be worn as a tube top or as a skirt.

Lots of leggings in different metallic shades and colors. The last one is my personal fave, sweet lavender :)

This beaded vest is one of Poivre's best sellers. Beaded and embellishments are all the rage now. You can wear them with practically anything—with your basic tee and figure-hugging jeans, even with your basic little black dress.

Good news, ladies! Poivre's premiere collection is on sale :) Check out the goods at The Ramp in Glorietta. Hurry!

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CarminaS said...

Thanks Style Kit for your wonderful feature!!! Glad you liked shopping Poivre =) Always such a joy to see others "getting it." Hugs and kisses!!!


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