Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Drop-Off Points

Supermarkets are full of people buying goods to donate. My family and I went straight to wholesalers instead. We will delivering them straight to the Ynares family of Rizal. To those who still do not know where to deliver your donations, click on the photo below to enlarge and find out where the drop-off points are:

SoFA also accepts donations

The Relief Operations Drop In Center at La Salle Greenhills is in need of more food and water for distribution to various affected areas. We have more than enough clothes at the moment so please concentrate your donations to the following items:

Bottled Water
Juices and Milk (Bottled or Tetra-pack)
Basic Medicine

Donations may be brought to Gate 2 of La Salle Greenhills, along Ortigas Avenue, Mandaluyong.
LSGH is currently distributing to 12 affected areas and is running out of necessities.

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Jenny said...

Hi Jane! If you have extra breastmilk to give, UP-PGH's Milk Bank and The Medela House in QC are accepting milk donations. The milk will be pasteurized, brought to evacuation centers and cup-fed to the hungry infants.


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