Friday, September 11, 2009

Pattern Happy

I recently paid the baby section of Rustan's a visit, and found that DwellStudio is now available. For those who are not familiar with the brand, it started out as a textile design company, and has now branched out to beddings and other home furnishings. They’re quite known for their bold prints, colors and patterns—all of which are made using low-impact dyes that do not have heavy metals and other toxic substances. The fabrics used are also formaldehyde free, and has eco-friendly pigments, too.

Super cute prints for the crib

Their products are made for babies and kids, and the prints are just tooo cute! It’s no wonder Hollywood moms love DwellStudio, with the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Live Tyler, and Katie Holmes as recruited trusted fans of the brand. Packaging comes in the form of eco-friendly materials as well, eliminating PVC. Boxes and bags can now be reused for storage, too!

Would love to get this for our baby boy :D
Although they're made for babies and children, who's to say we can't have fun with them too? I am in love with their prints, soooo happy! Check these out:

Make storage fun with these colorful bins.

This large travel case can store all your essentials.

Keep your bottles in these funky holders.
*DwellStudio is exclusively distributed by Quirks Marketing Philippines and is available in Rustan’s Department Stores. Visit for more details.

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